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I'm trained as an industrial designer, but I like doing lots of different things. I use my blog to discuss stuff I've made and stuff I like.

Loquat Jam

If you live in the southern US you may have loquat trees somewhere nearby.  If you live in Jacksonville, FL, the fruit is ready to pick and eat now.  The tree itself is nice looking and so is the little orangey-yellow fruit.  I think most people have them for their ornamental value but the fruit is tasty.

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New Zealand – Day 6


On the Silica Falls Trail. Iron Mixes with Clay in the Streambed. As it Oxidizes, it Turns this Brilliant Orange Color.

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Please excuse the quality of these pictures.  I only had my phone with me this day and it was dark and rainy almost exclusively.  My phone does a rotten job in these conditions.

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Happy Easter Eggs!

3J8A0104-EditgroupWe wanted to try coloring some un-boiled eggs for Easter so that we’d be able to scramble and eat them instead of throwing them away.  Everyone knows that scrambled eggs are delicious but all other egg formats taste like something that came out of a chicken butt.

A friend suggested getting them up to room temp first so we could wipe off the condensation before we dyed them.  It totally worked!

New Zealand – Day 4

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We got up early, ate breakfast in the room (banana, yogurt, nuts, oatmeal), and headed south to the farming community of Matamata and Hobbiton!  We had been warned to allow extra travel time on all roads but our 30 minute buffer turned out to not be enough.  With all the road construction, we just missed the first-of-the-day tour we had reserved but luckily they had space on the next one.  Just after lunchtime, when we left, the place was completely filled up.  This place is super cool and popular.  If you are planning to visit, I highly recommend booking ahead.

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New Zealand – Day 1 to Day 3


Dwarven-Carved Styrofoam Greets you in the Auckland Airport


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We left Jacksonville midway through Monday headed to Dallas on American Airlines.  From there we boarded Quantas headed for Sydney.  Shortly after takeoff our pilot explained our delayed departure was due to a required double check of the fuel load.  Apparently this calculation can get kind of complex and our flight was unusual because we were going on the largest commercial airplane in the world (neat) on the longest single flight in the world (boo).

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New Zealand: Introduction and Planning


Purple mountains light up at the dawn of a new trip. Those little black dots on the grass are sheep!

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I am so thrilled to be sharing the recap of our recent trip to New Zealand!  This post will serve as an intro and talk you through the months of planning that we did.  If you are dreaming of  visiting New Zealand in the future,  I hope this information makes your planning quicker and easier.

Be sure to follow this blog as upcoming posts will walk you through each day of our trip with details and pictures.

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Self Portrait: Passing Rain Shadow


I had the good fortune to visit Pelennor Fields on a recent trip (that you’ll get to hear more about soon) and this is the view if you do a 180 at that location.  I wanted to get a picture with the sheep sign in for scale and this little rain storm blew through (only lasted a few minutes) so I grabbed a few frames.  Since the sun was setting and I had no time to find another vantage point, my shadow is in the picture providing this week’s self portrait.