How to Make Noise Blocking Earbuds

The winner! Does reduce noise somewhat.

I love podcasts.  You probably love podcasts.  The problem is finding time to listen to them.  I’ve started listening to some when I mow the lawn but the sound of the mower drowns out the sound of the podcast.  I won’t wear my nice noise-canceling headphones out in the yard where they would probably get dirty, sweaty, and damaged.  What to do?

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Carrot Souffle

One of the perfect potluck dishes is carrot souffle.  It travels well.  It is quick and easy to make.  It tastes good hot, cold, or even partially reheated.  I got asked for the recipe again today and so I’ve typed it up and am posting it.  The original recipe is old.  My copy is photocopied from a newspaper clipping my grandmother had, but I’ve never known anyone outside of my family or someone we’ve given the recipe to to have made it.

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How to Make Giant Bubbles

Photo Copyright and Courtesy of Michelle Poyet
Photo Copyright and Courtesy of Michelle Poyet

After watching this video by Nighthawk in Light, I realized that I had to try making giant bubbles.  They are beautiful to look at, easy enough for anyone to try and difficult enough to master, that folks both young and old will be entertained making and watching them for much longer than you’d first believe.

Due to technical difficulty, I have not been able to upload a cool slow motion video of these giant bubbles.  I’m working on it and I’ll do a post once I get it on my YouTube channel to let you know it is ready to watch.

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New Zealand – Day 13 Part 1


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After a good night’s sleep and a quick oatmeal breakfast, I was charged up and ready to get going on this day.  I wasn’t expecting super pictures because I knew the times of day that we would be hitting our stops wouldn’t give us great light, but just being in those places would be a real treat.  We were going to see the other two of the top three places I wanted to visit on this trip.

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Door Mounted Spice Rack


Building a spice rack had taunted me from my to do list for many years but not anymore.  We cook most of the food we eat and have accumulated many spices over the years.  It always takes more time than it should to find the ones you want.  Let’s eliminate some frustration from our lives!

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New Crawlspace Cover


I have been hurriedly completing some exterior maintenance on my house and yard before it gets insanely hot and buggy.  One of the last things to do was to replace the crawlspace cover that I made out of pressure treated plywood when we first moved in to the house 15+ years ago.  It was in rough shape.  One corner had rotted away and I had to put two bricks there to close up that hole.

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New Zealand – Day 12

I love the shape and color of these rocks. Once again, impossibly blue-green NZ water.

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For a day called Black Friday, it sure did start off with a beautiful sunrise.  I missed the beginning of it but screamed out the back door of our room and grabbed a few shots as the sky lit up.  It turned the mountains opposing the sunrise all shades of gorgeous.  Purple mountain majesty indeed!

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Making a Harry Potter Wand

Packaging for a Wizard's Wand.  Name and Address Blanked out to Prevent any Muggling.
Packaging for a Wizard’s Wand. Name and Address Blanked out to Prevent any Muggling.

My ears perked up when I found out that our good friends oldest boy is such a Harry Potter fan that they are going to both HP theme parks in Orlando for his birthday.  I thought I’d have just enough time to construct a wand for him before they left.

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