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I'm trained as an industrial designer, but I like doing lots of different things. I use my blog to discuss stuff I've made and stuff I like.

Self Portrait: Stubble Sketch

JPatz_20150213_3J8A7818-Edit-bwstubble_WebI saw a new technique for turning a photo into a sketch and when I looked in the mirror this morning I thought it would be an ideal style to emphasize my unshaven chin.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the filters to work properly with this image no matter how I adjusted the contrast.  The charcoal filter kept reversing out (but not perfectly, I couldn’t just invert the results).  So what I ended up doing was drawing over the top of the half-baked image.  Not a portfolio piece but I like how it turned out overall.

I especially liked that it gets across the scratchy feeling I wanted.

Self Portrait: Failure

JPatz_20150206_3J8A7700_WebWell you win some and you lose some.  I’ve worked on this picture somewhere between half a day and a day and I can’t get it to work.  I had another picture that I worked on earlier this week and it didn’t work out either.  I am out of time and throwing in the towel for this week.  This is at least a decent picture of me.  It is completely unretouched.

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Self Portrait: Down by the Rrrriver

JPatz_20150115_3J8A6624-Condense_WebIt was foggy and cold when I took this picture (My hands turned bright red over the course of the shoot).  I met some out of town sightseers who were sad that the water taxi wasn’t running that day.  I hope they finish the repairs on the bridge and get the Riverwalk rebuilt in time for spring festivities.  Maybe one day I will find jeans that fit me that aren’t so baggy.

Self Portrait: Mirrors and Reflections

JPatz_20150109_3J8A6560-Edit_WebBelieve it or not, this is the first time I think I’ve ever taken a picture of myself with the camera up to my face.  Maybe I just have bad memory.  Anyhoo, for this week’s self portrait I wanted to find something reflective to shoot into and I remembered that there is a huge home furnishing store in town with rows and rows of mirrors.  I got some neat effects from metallic lamp bodies and vases but the picture above was the winner for me.

What Camera Gear Should I Buy? Part One

As any photographer at any level that has been shooting for any length of time will tell you, the most common question you get is “What camera gear do you use?” or “What should I buy?”  Many people that ask me are referred to my photo gear page and this gets the job done.

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Self Portrait: Still Morning Run

JPatz_20150102_3J8A6512_WebMelanie and I were talking about goal setting for the new year.  We have found exactly what the experts agree to be true:  If you have specific written goals, you are more likely to achieve them.  Even so, we often don’t make the time to think this through let alone write them down.

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