And you wanna be my Latex Salesman

Welcome to my freshly pressed website!

After a couple of years of nudging this idea around in my head, I am really excited to finally get started on this adventure.  I have lots of ideas that never seem to go anywhere but now they have a place to land.  Oh, I know it’s rough around the edges.  I’m going with the “80% all the time rather than 100% none of the time” philosophy on this project (which, if you know me, is a departure).

What lies before you is the raw form for this website.  If this were a design project I’d call it the volume model.  The overall form is functional and I like the shape but many details still need resolution.   My interests, my abilities, your responses and a host of other things I’m sure I haven’t thought of will guide this endeavor.

On with the show!

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