Geeeve us a Goooaal

When I was in middle school, my brother and father got to see two international soccer teams compete locally.  The teams were traveling around the US promoting pro soccer.  Apparently we had some international fans that either lived in town or traveled with the team.  These fans were really into the game and chanted over and over “Geeve us a goooaal.”  I don’t remember if my dad or brother enjoyed the game but I can still vividly remember the post-game chanting that could be heard throughout our house.  They loved that chant and I’m reminded of it now as I set my goals for the new year.

Those of you that know me well know that I’ve not been a fan of self-help or self-improvement books nor a big goal setter.  To-do lists have always been my friends (many times to my detriment) and I’ve never shied away from reading a how-to book or dreaming dreams, but goals are different.

Things began to change for me about two years ago.  I was given Dave Ramsey’s The Total Money Makeover which could be the subject of its own post or entire section on this site.  It was the first self-help book that delivered for me.  Since then I have really begun to see the power of setting specific goals for yourself.  You get more done, you stay more focused, you are less easily overwhelmed and your accomplishments are usually more meaningful.  I have seen big changes in my finances and physical health and this year I am expecting improvement in other areas as well.

I could go on but many people have written on this subject already and I think Dave sums it up extremely well in this four-minute podcast.

Goals Must:
1.  Be Written
2.  Be Specific
3.  Be Measurable
4.  Have a Time Limit

Areas (From Inside to Out):
1. Spiritual
2. Intellectual
3. Physical
4. Family
5. Financial
6. Career

So take some time before 1/12th of your year is gone to act on this.  The days are lined up and ready to come out the chute.  They stand at attention chanting “Geeve us a goooaal.”

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