Reader Comments

Hi gang!

Thank you very very much for your patronage.  It really means a lot when you guys read my stuff. Of course getting feedback is wonderful too.

A couple of folks mentioned that wished I had a comments section like other blogs.  I actually do.  If you look at the top of each post there will be a link for seeing and adding comments.  The first time you comment, your comment will not appear immediately because I have to add you as a trusted person (to cut down on the inevitable spam that appears).  After that first post, your comments should appear immediately.

Now if I had my druthers, the comments button would be at the bottom of the post in its normal and logical location.  For the time being I’d also have the comments visible below the post.  Unfortunately the hosting service I use does not allow me to make those changes so until 2011 at least, comments will almost certainly remain at the top of the post and you will have to click the link to see them.

Thanks for your continued support and don’t be afraid to jump in to the discussion.


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