Best Chocolate I Ever put in my Mouth

Valentine’s Day is coming right up.  If you are looking for chocolate and are willing to spend the money, I do not think you will find any better than John & Kira’s – specifically, this assortment.

Runner up goes to See’s Candies.  Consumer reports agrees that this is the best value chocolate you can buy.  It is the cheapest of the very tasty.  Fun fact:  Our family wanted to open one of these but See’s was not interested in expanding into the SE US.

And since we are talking chocolate,  how can we leave out the chocolate popcorn from Peterbrooke?  Well, we can’t.

7 thoughts on “Best Chocolate I Ever put in my Mouth

    1. Well, the obvious answer is that it just tastes better – better chocolate flavor, better texture, etc. The unique fillings push them over the top. Who knew lemongrass would be my favorite chocolate filling of all time?

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