TotW: Lagging a Bit

I could make up a lie but the fact is I procrastinated and did some other fun stuff for a little too long.  Even so, I thought I’d have the TotW done by now.  I got a big chunk of it done and in the last few minutes decided to start over.  It won’t be a complete redo and I still hope to have it done before you all blow out of work for the weekend.  If not, you’ll have a treat waiting for Monday.

***UPDATE***  Boy did I underestimate the time it would take me to get up to speed with my digitizing tablet.  I’m not talking about mastering it – just using it competently.  I had never did get the original project to a respectable level of decency and switched gears on Monday.  It took me yesterday and today to do this painting!  The version you are looking at is number 13 to give you an idea of how many restarts I had.

It is not an original design by me.  I watched a video of a good matte painter and used his techniques to create my painting.  I’m very pleased with the results and will post more info and images of it in process tomorrow.

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