Repair Your Old Extension Cords

Old Plug with Exposed Wiring (Left) New Plug on Existing Cord (Right)

As I’m preparing for the great yard clean up of ’10, I purchased an electric leaf blower which lead me to a repair of one of my outdoor extension cords.  If you are handy with a knife, there is no need to throw out or continue to use an unsafe frayed cord.  Swing by your favorite home center and get a replacement plug.  They come in all sorts of colors and configurations.  The ones I was looking at ranged from about $4 to $10.

Installation is pretty straightforward, but just so I’m on the safe side (liability), follow the instructions that come with the item or ask the store’s electrical expert for advice.  They will probably tell you to cut off the old plug, strip back just enough wire to fit in the screw terminals and make maximum contact (no bare wire sticking out), make sure that the strain relief is grabbing the entire cord including the exterior insulation and clamp it shut.  There may or may not be more safety issues to consider but with proper instruction, you can complete this project in a few minutes.

And that’s one to grow on.  Ding, ding-ding, diiingggg…

2 thoughts on “Repair Your Old Extension Cords

  1. Totally good article. Few people realize how simple it is to fix up a damaged electrical/extension cord.

    I’ve fixed and made many over a few months. I love fixing things.

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