Jumbo Dust Pan

Hi guys,

I’m very sorry there were no updates last week.  I’ve been trying to get our annual yard stuff done which has included some extras like installing gutter guards, repairing and painting windows, etc.  This is really not a good excuse though.  I have been a lazy too.

With all of the lawn stuff going on (still not done), I am reminded of a fantastic purchase made a few years ago.  Items like this are what fired me up about being an industrial designer.  Products that are well designed can change a chore into a task or even a fun activity.  I wouldn’t go that far about raking leaves but it certainly speeds up the process.

I’m talking about a jumbo dust pan.  The one pictured above is a Cleanco brand, but that is unimportant.  The key things are that it is super sturdy, comfortable to hold and, most importantly, as large as possible.

The pan is made of steel (probably powder coated).  I don’t know what the handle is made of but it’s non-magnetic so it isn’t steel – probably aluminum.  We’ve had it a few years and it has a couple of scratches on it but nothing beyond cosmetic.

The oversize handle is comfortable to hold and easy to store because of the large loop.  It is riveted to the pan and runs through a couple of holes in the pan for extra support.  It is a solid connection with no flex, wobble or looseness.

You could get all of these qualities in most dust pans.  In fact, in smaller sizes I think it would be better if the dust pan was plastic so you’d never have to worry about rust.  What generates 90% of the joy in this product is the size.  At 17″ across, it easily fits in my outdoor garbage cans but mostly fills the opening.  This is a big deal when raking leaves.  Simply sandwich leaves between the dustpan and the head of the rake and you can pick up a huge pile at once.  It’s like having two giant hands.  It works great in the driveway too where the wide mouth is a better match to the wide head on our push broom.

We got this one at Lowe’s but I’m sure you could get something comparable or even better at a number of places.  Pick one up the next time you have a lot of yard work to do and I think you’ll really appreciate the time savings that this low cost item can provide.

One thought on “Jumbo Dust Pan

  1. I, too, own a jumbo multi-purpose dust pan. Mine is plastic, though. Its amazing what you can use them for. If I still had a crank-up Evel Knievel motorcycle, I could even use it as a ramp. Its that versatile.

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