The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss

Something unusual has happened.  I am someone that generally likes the first part of a story the most.  Aliens and The Empire Strikes back are the only exceptions that leap to mind and those aren’t even books.

In Patrick Rothfuss’ followup to The Name of the Wind, I think he may have made the tale even better.  In book two of The Kingkiller Chronicles, we continue to follow the life of Kvothe from everyman to superman.  All of the things that made the first book great continue to appeal with the second.

I could drone on, but if you like an engaging unconventional story, I suggest you give this series a try.  Start with The Name of the Wind and I bet you’ll continue through this book too.  It could be that I’m still pumped, just having finished the book, but it really seems like this is the best candy book I’ve read in many years.

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