Yosemite Trip – Part 1

***  Part 2 of 6 in the 2008 Yosemite Adventure.  Next week, we enter the park and you guys get to see some pix.  Thanks for bearing with me.  Believe it or not, I’m still sick! ***

Jump ahead a year and we were all geared up, packed up and ready to take to the skies. Melanie was determined that we’d stuff everything into our daypacks and carry them on with us. It was surprisingly easy to do this and we only needed one additional bookbag-sized pack between the two of us. It is absolutely true that the more you travel the less you take with you. Our previous Italy adventures had helped us pare things down.

The trip out was quite uneventful with the exception of a very brave bird in the Dallas airport and the car rental. The agent lied right to my face which momentarily upset me. “Have you rented from us before?” “I dunno. Not in several years if at all.” “Which of the three protection plans would you like?” “Do I have to get one of these?” “Yes, you must pick one.” “Ok, I’ll take this one.” “I’ll just need you to sign here.” “Wait. This is more expensive than the quote I got online.” “That’s because you selected the optional insurance.” “I already have my own insurance and I don’t want to pay this additional fee.” “Ok. Let me just reprint your rental agreement without the extra insurance.” I don’t mind the would-you-like-fries-with-that style sales tactics so much. I understand that they are a business trying to make money, but don’t tell me something that is blatantly not true to get a sale.

We got checked in to the room and went to a nearby restaurant (The Rusty Duck) for “linner” (3 hour time difference). After that we went to Old Towne or whatever they called the preserved portion of downtown Sacramento. The buildings were neat to look at for a little while but the shops were a waste. It was Panama City Beach – saltwater taffy, t-shirts, crush a penny, etc. I would definitely not recommend going here to anyone. Sacramento seems like a very nice place and there must be better stuff to do that this.

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