Ready Player One by Ernest Cline: Fun or Fart?

If you are a child of the 80’s, if you are a nerd, or if you like videogames, you owe it to yourself to read Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.  As usual, I don’t like to spoil anything about the story when I talk about books here on the blog.  I will tell you that it is set in the future and focuses on 80’s pop culture.  There is a mystery to solve and an adventure takes place.  There are thrilling moments and plenty of action to keep the plot moving, but by far the most interesting part of the book is the universe that the author creates.  This book is destined to be a movie and it has so many opportunities to be visually spectacular.  It reminds me very much of Star Wars in that I like the original trilogy but I love the universe that these movies inhabit.

Is it the best book I’ve read?  No.  The writing style is not my favorite or maybe it needs to be refined a little more.  This book relies heavily on nostalgia but I wish it could have done so a little more subtly with fewer lengthy lists of books, movies, and songs.

Overall, both Melanie and I enjoyed it very much and I recommend it highly.  If you choose to listen to it on audiobook then you get the added bonus of having it read to you by Wil Wheaton.

Using the rating system from waaaay back in this post, I give this book a “fun.”

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