The Best Women’s Underwear

So let’s take a sharp left turn and talk about women’s underwear for a moment.  Wait.  Hear me out.  This site is all about sharing good information with as many people as I can – especially about products that can change your life.

As long as I’ve known about my wife’s relationship with her underwear I’ve known it is a bad one.  She complains that it doesn’t fit right or, more frequently, that it is bunching up in places that it should not.  A couple of years ago she noticed that I’d buy a pair of socks, test them for a while, and if I liked them, I’d buy more (see more on my current favorite socks here).  She started doing the same thing with underwear.  It is a relatively cheap expense but it is something that literally affects your life every day.  You should have an underwear solution that works well for you.

People would rave about this brand or that style, but just like everyone who tells you that beets are good (you just haven’t had them cooked the RIGHT way), they were wrong.  She even checked around online Googling various incriminating search phrases and perusing the forums.  In her latest attempt she found two contenders and surprisingly both of them worked out.

First we have an offering from Maidenform, the Signature Micro Hipster Panty (alternative Amazon link here), which can be purchased at JCPenny’s and other places.  It is made from microfiber (like exercise clothes) with a cotton middle part.  The combo of fabric and cut make these comfortable and relatively stay-in-place undies.  They are cheap, come in several colors, and can be washed normally.

The real winners, and the ones Melanie can’t stop talking about, are called Vanishing Edge Microfiber from Soma – especially the hipster and bikini cuts.  Soma is a specialty shop that you might have at a local shopping center, but if not, they can be purchased directly from the corporate website.  The magic of these panties is that they have a thin strip of silicone around the leg holes.  If you are not familiar with silicone, think of a rubber band or swim cap and you are pretty close.  Some women have said they would not like the rubbery feel against their skin and that it would probably feel cold or be hard to put on.  Melanie says she never notices it at all and putting them on is no different than any other underwear.  She says they stay in place and they do not leave panty lines at all.  She has run half marathons in them and they didn’t budge.

The only trick with the Vanishing Edge is that they shouldn’t be put in the dryer.  I’m sure you wouldn’t destroy them like a pair of wool dry-clean-only pants, but to maximize their life it makes sense that you’d air dry them.  Melanie’s easy system for handling this is to put her dirties in a mesh bag that we keep by the clothes hamper.  They get washed with the other dark colored clothes and then put on our drying rack.  Because they are microfiber they are almost dry when they come out of the washer and are ready to put away in a very short time (an hour?).  As the sales lady told her, “You can practically just blow on them and they are ready to wear again.”

Sorry I’m not providing any images with this post, but as many of you know, I try very hard to use only my images on the site, even if it advertising for someone else, to avoid any hint of copyright infringement.  I even make a point of making many of my images look homemade so there is no question that I didn’t steal them.  So as you can see, I’d have to take pictures of my wife’s undies and I think that is probably not the best idea.  Follow the links and you’ll see every size, color, etc.

PS  I didn’t say “crotch” one time in this article.

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