Daddy Daughter Dance

JPatz_140228_00089_WebLast month I had the opportunity to do the portraits at our church’s annual daddy daughter dance.  Event photography is not something I’ve done before or want to specialize in but it was a neat challenge for a good cause.  It was a great kick in the pants to focus me and force me to figure out how to light a very narrow space with enough versatility to accommodate pairs as well as larger groups.  After the portraits were done, they asked me to stick around and get some candid shots.  I wasn’t well prepared for that so it was just a bounced gelled flash.

I wasn’t looking forward to it when I was first asked but, by the end of the shoot, I realized that it had been a lot of fun.  It is said that if a creative project doesn’t scare you, then you will almost certainly not grow from it.  I believe that is true and applies in this case.

JPatz_140228_00212_BW JPatz_140228_00274_Web

3 thoughts on “Daddy Daughter Dance

  1. Wow! The ones of the daughters with dads dancing are amazing! I never knew you could pull color in the foreground and have b/w in the background! Very neat. Maybe you could do wedding photography?

  2. Cool pics!  I noticed that the feet between the daddy and daughter were in color too – so do you lasso an area and make it B&W or what? I’d say the pics turned out great if the majority look like those! -b


    1. I wanted the carpet to be in color and fade to B&W. I tried having the dad and the daughter be the only things in color and having the carpet fade out seems to help pull your eye into the picture.

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