Exercise Data

peh5214I have been tracking my exercise data since I started up again as an adult.  Yesterday I collected all the upper body records and entered them into Excel.  Well, I didn’t enter them all.Before 2012 I was using a different format when I didn’t record the date so rather than guessing, I left that stuff out.  Still, it is a record of almost two years of workouts.  I thought you guys might find it interesting.

It surprised me that I was my fittest when I had a second job at a warehouse.  It was a moderately physical job that I thought would have worn me out so my performance wouldn’t be as good.

Also, you should note that these numbers are only the single best set for a day.  Some times I’d only do one set.  Sometimes as many as three.  Every set was always done to exhaustion.

Chin-up numbers are lower than pull-ups because I always do pull-ups first.  They are harder.

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