Self Portrait: Failure

JPatz_20150206_3J8A7700_WebWell you win some and you lose some.  I’ve worked on this picture somewhere between half a day and a day and I can’t get it to work.  I had another picture that I worked on earlier this week and it didn’t work out either.  I am out of time and throwing in the towel for this week.  This is at least a decent picture of me.  It is completely unretouched.

The plan was to blend this image with one of the wall and make it appear that my jacket was part of the wall and I was coming out of it.  This would have removed the big hot spot on the wall and of course the beauty dish showing in the top left corner.

My thought was to isolate the jacket, convert it to greyscale, and adjust it with curves or levels (if needed) to get the contrast right and the mid tone at about 18% grey.  From there it would just be a matter of picking the right layer style for the jacket layer and the mid tones would disappear, the highlights would brighten their areas, and the shadows would darken their areas.

I went online and found an example of exactly what I was trying to do here.  It is hard to imagine that my results would be so different from this that I couldn’t shape them into something good with a little extra work.

Special thanks to my mother in law for taking the picture.  Technicallythat means this is a portrait and not a self portrait.

3 thoughts on “Self Portrait: Failure

  1. Wonderful picture of your face! Love it! Tie caved in, veins in hands too prominent. XOXOXO Mom

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    1. Yes. The lighting is really nice on my face. Unfortunately none of the smiling ones in this pose looked good. The tie was going to have to be fixed and my hands and the reflections in my glasses. They always say that the backs of hands are the worst part of a person to photograph. There is also a really weird shadow on my neck. We couldn’t figure out what caused it. That would have had to go too.

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