Second Concert Shoot – Good Friday

I did it again.  I’m back at the same location shooting a different band.  This time was going to be a worship service and the band and I both thought it might be distracting and inappropriate to photograph during the actual event.  I showed up a couple hours early for rehearsal and photographed that.

Here is what I learned from this shoot:  1.  Once you add a drum set, the small main stage of this auditorium is jam-packed.  I was having to shoot around mic stands, music stands, body parts, and musical instruments to get unblocked shots of people’s faces.  2.  The energy level is very different at a rehearsal (naturally) and it shows in the images (somewhat surprisingly).  These guys are all seasoned vets but they were still working out small details during the practice which meant they spent a lot of their time looking at each other rather than a non-existent audience.  They were not nervous or making mistakes or learning music.  Rather they would joke around but as soon as the music started everyone was concentrating and studying each other.

If I were in this situation again, I still would choose to NOT interrupt this planning time but would try and get them to fake the concert at some other point.  We’d pull out the music stands, separate folks for individual shots, pose group shots, and just have them play or sing something with feeling to the camera or “audience”.

Overall, I’m pleased with what we got but I could have made life easier for myself doing the fakery mentioned above.  This is way outside of my comfort zone and I love learning new stuff.  I’m very thankful for the opportunity Good Friday gave me to photograph them.  They sounded great too!  I did not mind getting my own personal concert at all.

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