The Best Chocolate Bars

Melanie thanks you all in advance.  You see, in order to give my loyal readers a chance to buy any of the items in this review before Valentine’s Day, she needed to get her treats early.  I might have taken a taste too…

This year I got a collection of some of the highest rated chocolate bars from The Sweethome and I stuffed them in a Baggu for Melanie to discover.

You should know that Melanie and I love a strong chocolate flavor, but we don’t like the bitterness that usually comes with that.  I was fully expecting to try these 70+% cacao bars and not like them.  Anytime we have tasted the ones from the grocery store, they are terrible.  In fact I got an el cheapo Russell Stover chocolate marshmallow fully expecting to enjoy it more than some of these bars. I was surprised at the results.  See below for our findings and links to get your own.


We think Christopher Elbow makes the best chocolate candies we’ve ever had, so it stands to reason we’d like his chocolate bars too.  We got a milk chocolate as our “safe” good chocolate, and as expected, it was Melanie’s favorite and my second favorite.  We both scored it a 5 out of 5.  It is sweeter than the others, naturally, and the pro’s describe it as “good chocolate on training wheels.”


In second place is The Sweethome’s top pick.  If you only get one bar, this is what I’d try.  It is the most different from what you’ve probably normally had because it has a very strong chocolate flavor that is nicely tempered.  It isn’t exactly a sweet bar but the flavor is very good.  This one was my favorite and I scored it a 5.  It was Mel’s third place scoring a 4.


Third place goes to the other Christopher Elbow.  Again, it is sweeter than the other fancy bars and we liked that.  This was Mel’s second favorite at a 4 and my third favorite at a 4.


Believe it or not Russell Stover actually beat one of these bars.  I’m sure it speaks more to our unrefined palates, but we are both suckers for marshmallow and sweetness.  Admittedly, neither of us thought the chocolate was very good – unless you love chewing on brown candles – but the overall flavor was quite nice.  These are available at any fine gas station or drug store near you.


I’m so sorry Guittard.  It is embarrassing to put you last but Melanie did not like the taste of you.  I still gave you a 4 but you were the lowest ranked bar for me too.  These strong chocolate bars are available here.


  • Very high cacao dark chocolate can taste great on its own (even when not part of a recipe).
  • If it is available to me, it is worth eating but not spending a lot of money on.
  • I am just fine eating cheap chocolate candies most of the time.
  • I think most people will find it worthwhile to do a taste test of these chocolates.

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