Decent Gluten-Free Spaghetti


If you are allergic to wheat, like me, pasta is a real challenge because all the gluten-free options pretty much suck.  Commiserating with various gluten-free folk, they told me to quit looking, eat spaghetti squash, and pretend.  Of course, I am smart enough to know that spaghetti squash is disgusting and with continued searching, something decent emerged.

De Boles Gluten Free Multi Grain Spaghetti Style Pasta is quite acceptable.  You cook it normally (maybe leave it a little more firm than usual) and serve it up just like you would regular spaghetti.  Taste-wise it comes in third place:  1.  Normal spaghetti 2.  Whole wheat spaghetti 3. This stuff.

It may seem ridiculous to write an article about something that is just satisfactory until you actually try any of the “compeditors.”  They have terrible texture.  The worst have a bad taste not easily hidden by sauce when initially cooked.  The less offensive are just gross tasting and have a telltale fart smell when you reheat them.

So there you have it.  A gluten-free pasta that feels like pasta, tastes mostly like pasta, and doesn’t stink.  What a culinary delight!

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