Bathroom Remodel

Earlier this year I planned to remodel our bathroom but found that it wasn’t in our budget.  Soon after I did realize that a “reskinning” or refresh was affordable and it would get us most of what the gut job would have provided.

At the top of the list was correcting problems like hard-to-close doors, poorly placed towel racks, cracked walls, holes, loud plumbing valves, and a worn out disgusting floor.  All of these fixes would be cheap but I correctly anticipated that they would comprise at least half of the working time.  I was a little sad that we couldn’t afford to replace our water-guzzling toilet (it uses an old standard and only very expensive replacement options are available) or our tired tub with its well-worn finish.

Beyond that we selected a light grey paint for the walls, a new medicine cabinet with some cool internal mirrors, a new humorous shower curtain, and a yellow paint on the window for a pop of color.

This project was dirt cheap but it has made the bathroom one of our favorite, if not our very favorite, rooms in our house.

I’m intentionally keeping the write up brief.  If you have any questions about the project, just ask in the comments below.


10 thoughts on “Bathroom Remodel

    1. Thanks. We love it too. Wanted a color punch that worked with the existing blue tile but we knew we’d have a really colorful shower curtain so it had to be small.

  1. OOO!!! I love the changes! The yellow window is fantastic! And that shower curtain reminds me of a certain SNL couples’ halloween party when you and Mel were the synchronized swimmers. Love. It.

    1. That is funny! I had forgotten that. It is actually even a little bit better. It is a print of a painting entitled “Swimming is Hard.” If you’ve done much swimming in your life you get to the point where you zone out on backstroke like the top girl or you crash into the lane rope (finger ouchie) like the bottom girl.

    1. Haha! We’ve figured you out, Brad! Everyone has seen the Human Fund episode of Seinfeld and knows what you are trying to do. That is funny. I don’t know how you did that, but it isn’t something I did on my end.

  2. As someone who has experienced this bathroom in both before and after phases, I must say, everything came out great in the end! 10/10 would use this bathroom again.

    But really, great job! The yellow window is my favorite part.

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