Moonset Over Bridge

We were out running a few days ago and noticed that the moon was setting just over one of the bridges in our neighborhood.  There is a marina right there with boats tied off to docks and anchored out in the river.  It was really beautiful sight that I wanted to try and capture in a photo the following morning.

It is easy to forget just how much the moon shifts around in the sky from night to night and the following morning things were not perfect but I still managed to get something.  By the time the moon was low enough in the sky, the sun was just starting to peek up over the horizon lighting up the bridge.  I had to reorient to get some boats in the foreground since the moon’s reflection was no longer showing up on the water.

It isn’t the image I was going for but I had a very relaxing time listening to the water, feeling the breeze, and watching the moonset.



2 thoughts on “Moonset Over Bridge

  1. That makes me happy to hear you say that. That is exactly how it felt to be there and that was the feeling I was trying to capture that morning. I didn’t bring my ND filters to lengthen the exposure, but that would have even helped more because the water would have been very smooth. I didn’t think I’d need them because I had seen something like this the night before which wouldn’t require an ND filter:

    and I was going to try and get the moon to have this kind of detail in the image:

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