My First Concert Shoot – The Arcadian Wild


I’ve heard that shooting concerts can be a challenge beyond the technical issues.  Some artists are very particular about who shoots them, where they are positioned, and when in the concert they allow photography (certain outfits, before they get sweaty, etc.).  So when I heard that my friends The Arcadian Wild were going to be in Jacksonville, I contacted them about taking pictures and they were happy to accommodate me.  Score!  Practicing photography while listening to a great band!

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PhotoTraces and Their Free Lightroom Presets

Nice colors.  A lot more artistic license is being taken here but neat looking.

I’ve been a fan of Viktor Elizarov and his photography site PhotoTraces for a while now.  He is a solid photographer but even better for you and me, he is a great photo processor and concise instructor.  I cannot think of a more reliably helpful landscape photography website than his.  He is so generous with his information from the planning of a shot to the camera settings to the digital processing and he manages to convey the information in compact language with many visual aids (that are interactive more and more of the time).  You often get more from skimming one of his articles for 2 minutes than reading an article for 10 minutes on another site.  If you are a fan of landscape photography, you owe it to yourself to check out his site.

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A Treehouse on the Suwannee River

Approaching the treehouse. Sidenote: Google photos added all the picture effects when it backed up to the cloud. A little cheesy but I still like it.
Approaching the treehouse from the side. Suwanee River on the right.  Sidenote: Google photos added all the picture effects when it backed up to the cloud. A little cheesy but I still like it.

Over Labor Day weekend we decided to shoot over to Live Oak, FL to tour a recently built treehouse for one of those construction shows on a TV channel we don’t get.  Calling ahead I found out that we didn’t need reservations for the tour even on a holiday weekend and the price was $8/person for a 15-30 minute tour.

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How to Make Noise Blocking Earbuds

The winner! Does reduce noise somewhat.

I love podcasts.  You probably love podcasts.  The problem is finding time to listen to them.  I’ve started listening to some when I mow the lawn but the sound of the mower drowns out the sound of the podcast.  I won’t wear my nice noise-canceling headphones out in the yard where they would probably get dirty, sweaty, and damaged.  What to do?

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Carrot Souffle

One of the perfect potluck dishes is carrot souffle.  It travels well.  It is quick and easy to make.  It tastes good hot, cold, or even partially reheated.  I got asked for the recipe again today and so I’ve typed it up and am posting it.  The original recipe is old.  My copy is photocopied from a newspaper clipping my grandmother had, but I’ve never known anyone outside of my family or someone we’ve given the recipe to to have made it.

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How to Make Giant Bubbles

Photo Copyright and Courtesy of Michelle Poyet
Photo Copyright and Courtesy of Michelle Poyet

After watching this video by Nighthawk in Light, I realized that I had to try making giant bubbles.  They are beautiful to look at, easy enough for anyone to try and difficult enough to master, that folks both young and old will be entertained making and watching them for much longer than you’d first believe.

Due to technical difficulty, I have not been able to upload a cool slow motion video of these giant bubbles.  I’m working on it and I’ll do a post once I get it on my YouTube channel to let you know it is ready to watch.

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