The Best Ultra Quick Beans and Rice Recipe

Over the holidays Mom came up with a quick healthy dish that she thought would be a side but Melanie and I ate as our main course.  It is so simple I don’t even need to write out a recipe card for it.  Wanna hear it?  Here it goes…

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Survivalist Mushroom Caraway Soup

I like Survival Lily on Youtube and a few weeks ago she showed how to make a soup from things that can either be found in the woods or can be stored easily for a long time.  Melanie and I look for ways to incorporate mushrooms into our diet since they are so healthy and we don’t eat them that often and this soup seemed like an easy way to do just that.

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Ghostbusters Ghost Test Picture

I’m trying to get a how-to article done on the ghost effect from Ghostbusters but it seems that life is determined to delay me.  It’s been in the hopper since last month!  Today I managed to work out the lighting and do a test post processing attempt on it.  I can do better but I’m really pleased with where it stands already so I thought I’d post it.  More to come soon (I hope).

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