My First Concert Shoot – The Arcadian Wild

I’ve heard that shooting concerts can be a challenge beyond the technical issues.  Some artists are very particular about who shoots them, where they are positioned, and when in the concert they allow photography (certain outfits, before they get sweaty, etc.).  So when I heard that my friends The Arcadian Wild were going to be in Jacksonville, I contacted them about taking pictures and they were happy to accommodate me.  Score!  Practicing photography while listening to a great band!

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Carrot Souffle

One of the perfect potluck dishes is carrot souffle.  It travels well.  It is quick and easy to make.  It tastes good hot, cold, or even partially reheated.  I got asked for the recipe again today and so I’ve typed it up and am posting it.  The original recipe is old.  My copy is photocopied from a newspaper clipping my grandmother had, but I’ve never known anyone outside of my family or someone we’ve given the recipe to to have made it.

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New Zealand – Day 13 Part 1


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After a good night’s sleep and a quick oatmeal breakfast, I was charged up and ready to get going on this day.  I wasn’t expecting super pictures because I knew the times of day that we would be hitting our stops wouldn’t give us great light, but just being in those places would be a real treat.  We were going to see the other two of the top three places I wanted to visit on this trip.

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New Zealand – Day 7

Between the Town and the Beach in Napier Lies this Park

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We knew that our trip would entail a lot of driving, but this was the longest day of driving that we just couldn’t plan around.  We were not near an airport and there were things we wanted to do around Tongariro National Park, but there is not a lot of NZ that we really wanted to see between this latitude and Wellington which is at the very southern tip of the north island.  The only solution that made sense to us was to drive.  It was going to be a long day.

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Loquat Jam

If you live in the southern US you may have loquat trees somewhere nearby.  If you live in Jacksonville, FL, the fruit is ready to pick and eat now.  The tree itself is nice looking and so is the little orangey-yellow fruit.  I think most people have them for their ornamental value but the fruit is tasty.

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Happy Easter Eggs!

3J8A0104-EditgroupWe wanted to try coloring some un-boiled eggs for Easter so that we’d be able to scramble and eat them instead of throwing them away.  Everyone knows that scrambled eggs are delicious but all other egg formats taste like something that came out of a chicken butt.

A friend suggested getting them up to room temp first so we could wipe off the condensation before we dyed them.  It totally worked!