The Affair by Lee Child

Well friends, it is time for another patented Patz quick book review.  As you know by now, I love listening to audio books in the car and Lee Child’s Jack Reacher books are consistently my favorites.  You can read a review of another in the series as well as a link to all the books in order here.

The Affair is a good book.  It might even be the best of the Reacher series.  Melanie and I both really liked the setting and the plot.  As usual, there were not an overwhelming number of characters and each was distinct and fairly believable.  The pacing was excellent.  It was a nice change to go back in time to a point when Reacher was still in the Army.

Unfortunately, this book has at least three extended sex scenes.  I guess Child had to make up for so little kissy touchy in the previous book.  I have absolutely nothing against sex, but I don’t need or want it described to me in a book – especially one primarily about action and solving mysteries.  It just seems like such a sharp turn in the story whenever it happens.  It would be easy enough to suggest what was happening and quickly move on.  We just fast forwarded through them.  I guess that is the biggest benefit of listening to the audiobook instead of reading it.

Overall, both Melanie and I really enjoyed this book and I recommend it to anyone looking for a quick action mystery read.