Making a Harry Potter Wand

Packaging for a Wizard's Wand.  Name and Address Blanked out to Prevent any Muggling.
Packaging for a Wizard’s Wand. Name and Address Blanked out to Prevent any Muggling.

My ears perked up when I found out that our good friends oldest boy is such a Harry Potter fan that they are going to both HP theme parks in Orlando for his birthday.  I thought I’d have just enough time to construct a wand for him before they left.

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Golden Ticket Number Two – Boxy

Time has passed and another niece is turning ten which means it is time for our second Golden Ticket.  As previously mentioned, the Golden Ticket is a way for us to announce to a niece or nephew that their birthday present for that year is one week of extravagant fun at our house.

I don’t think I’ll ever change the design of the ticket itself but I hope to be able to customize its enclosure for each recipient.  It is exciting to me because everyone at my brother’s house knows that a Golden Ticket is coming but most, if not all of them, are assuming it will be identical to its predecessor.

I tried to incorporate her fondness for girly stuff and her love for animals.  The resulting “box” is very soft and squishy from the foam-covered ears to the baby blanket material.  I’m particularly pleased with the feline cues.  They are bold enough to be obvious but not overbearing.  I didn’t want this box to be seen as a toy that happened to house a Golden Ticket, but rather a container with stuffed animal characteristics.  The big breakthrough that got me thinking on the right path was scaling it down from baby doll or pillow size to Golden Ticket container size.

The following is a gallery of concept, in-process and finished product images with notations.