Alert! First No-Prize Awarded!!

An exciting thing happened this morning!  We had our first contest winner!!  Known only to JP.C readers as “John,” this sharp-eyed individual correctly identified the CAD drawing of the lighsaber hilt mentioned in this article-lette!!!  Master Mundi would surely be proud!!!!  Bask in the accolades and back slaps you so richly deserve “John” and know that sometimes no-prize is the best prize of all!!!!!  NOTE:  It is a-ok for “John” to print, laminate and cut-out one copy of the no-prize to wear proudly as a medallion or use as a desk-cessory!!!!!!  DOUBLE NOTE:  Please seek an adult’s help whenever you plan to use scissors!!!!!!!

Now don’t be big babies and sore losers.  Jump into the comments section and congratulate “John.”