TotW: In Which we Discover Jellyroll Lurkers

"Slink all away, leave their false vows with him"

What is a jellyroll lurker?  Perhaps we’ll explore that more in future work.  For now the quote will have to do.

This was my second attempt at a digital painting.  It was a lot of fun and much faster – it only took me one day.  That’s half the time of the last one.  I think if I can keep this up a painting like this should be doable in two hours.  It helps that I have some of the Photoshop presets set up now and that the design is my own.  I’m extremely happy with the way the forest turned out.  I’ve got to work on drawing bushes.  My solution for this painting looks like smoke and is much too realistic.  I wanted to come up with something like the ferns you find on the forest floor through out the SE US.

Incidentally, my friend John let me know that he used to do stuff with a digitizing tablet.  Maybe he’ll share some of his work.  Perhaps a link in the comments section of this post (hint, hint)?  John is better at sketching than I am so I imagine his work is beautiful.