Nice Niece

JPatz_20140717_3J8A3937-Edit_WebMy niece came to visit for her Golden Ticket trip a few weeks ago.  We did a photo shoot that I’m turning into a composite image.  I still need to shoot the background and the effects so that one will be seen in a while.

In the meantime I tried out the ring reflector again.  I liked this picture because I think it captures a lot of true things about her but am really sad that I missed the focus.  My finger must have slipped and the camera must have refocused on the closest object which was her fingers.


New Ring Reflector

JPatz_140420_AsmFor Easter, we went and visited my brother’s family at their new cabin.  It was a great place to hide eggs (only one snake found during the hunt) and I thought it might be a chance to test out my new reflector. Continue reading