100th Post and Sekrit Hint

This is my 100th post!  <Kermit flail>  Yeeeaaaaaayyyy!!!!  And as such, I’ve decided to give you all a hint which is:  There exists on this site an Easter egg.

I’ve built a couple of websites before and I’ve always made a point of nestling in some little Easter egg.  I think it’s fun and it rewards those who really dig deep into the site.  Since I’m using more of a prepackaged deal for this site I have less control but I did manage to sneak in a little something.  I wouldn’t call it a “sekrit” exactly, but I don’t think anyone has found it because I do think I would have heard about it if they had.

If you believe you know what the Easter egg is, please comment below.  The first person to correctly identify it in the comments section will win a no-prize!  Only one of these has been awarded in the history of this site thus far.  Scarcity!!!  Rarity!!!

I had hoped that I’d have 100 unique followers through Twitter, Facebook and e-mail at the time of my 100th post.  I’m close.  Help me out.  If you know anyone that might like the weird mix of stuff I talk about here, please share the site with them.