How to Make an Instant Cup of Cake

Have you ever wanted just a little cake right now?  Well, a friend of mine explained a super simple way to make cake that is actually healthier than regular cake, tastes pretty good, and goes from cup to mouth in about one minute.  I know it sounds impossible but it really works.  The secret is using angel food cake mix because it already has the egg whites in it.

It is so simple that rather than give you a recipe, I thought I’d just show you pictorially.

STEP ONE – Buy Angel Food Cake Mix

STEP TWO – Buy Any Other Cake Mix

STEP THREE – Blend Cake Mixes Together in a Large Sealable Container (Shaking Then Stirring with a Fork Works Well)

STEP FOUR – Measure out Three Tablespoons of the Mix

STEP FIVE – Measure out Two Tablespoons of Water

STEP SIX – Combine Mix and Water in Coffee Cup and Stir (Double Recipe Pictured)

STEP SEVEN – Microwave for One Minute

STEP EIGHT – Turn Cake out onto Plate (Double Recipe Pictured)

While cooking and cooling, the cake will have a moderately farty smell (I assume from the egg whites).  I expected the cake to be really tough or hard but it is actually more delicate than a normal cake.  It can be frosted though.  It isn’t nearly as good as “real” cake but overall is a nice substitute when a small cake emergency arises.

For you calorie counters here is nutritional info using the two cake mixes I selected:

If you end up giving this recipe a try, let me know what variations you tried and how well they worked in the comments below.

Spinach Smoothie

Melanie and I have been experimenting with different kinds of smoothies lately to vary our usual post-run drink.  The only healthy one we’ve found (either via or Runner’s World) that we both like is listed below.

Incredible Green Spinach Smoothie
(Printable PDF version)
1 serving – blend the following and drink immediately
½ cup almond milk
1 cup fresh spinach
1 kiwi, sliced
½ frozen banana, sliced

With smoothies you really have to watch the calorie count.  It is easy to pack in a ton of them in one glass.  On top of that, your body processes liquid meals quicker and sugar (which smoothies usually have due to lots of fruit) increases your appetite so you may be hungry again sooner.

This smoothie attempts to correct some of those problems.  It is lower in calories and the good fat from the almonds will help satiate hunger a little better.  The real benefit is the combo of spinach, which is one of the best plant sources for iron, and kiwi, which aids in iron absorption because of its high vitamin C content.

I’d love to hear what some of you non-smoothie people think of it.  We have gotten so used to things like broccoli in ours that I don’t know if we have the right palettes to judge this one.  To us, it tastes sweet and refreshing.